Get to know Grant Smith

Grant Smith is a passionate and dedicated individual who is the founder of Two Kids Raising Kids, an organization that helps single parents raise healthy, happy children. He was inspired to create this organization when he saw how hard his own single mother had worked to raise him and his siblings.

Raised in a small rural town in California, Grant’s mother worked two jobs to support her family of five. Despite their financial difficulties, Grant, his brothers, and sisters were all able to excel academically and went on to attend college. This success was largely due to the hard work of their mother and the support she provided them throughout their childhood. Seeing this powerful example of single-parenting motivated Grant to become an advocate for families in similar situations.

In 2012, Grant founded Two Kids Raising Kids with the goal of helping single parents succeed in raising their children despite difficult circumstances. Over the years he has developed a variety of resources aimed at assisting families in need including workshops, online forums, mentoring programs, and grants. He also serves as a spokesperson for issues related to parenting while advocating for better education opportunities for low-income families across America.

Grant’s efforts have earned him numerous awards including the 2016 President Obama Social Innovation Award as well as being named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2017. His passion for giving back has made him a respected leader within his community and beyond it as well.

Grant Smith continues to show dedication and care for struggling families through Two Kids Raising Kids every day. He truly believes that no parent should be alone when it comes to raising their children and will continue working tirelessly towards achieving this goal until every family has access to the same opportunities as he did growing up.